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As homeowners, Ron and Linda know the satisfaction that comes from completing a DIY project in their own yard.

They want to share that sense of satisfaction and pride with you...their neighbors and loyal customers.

That is why Steve Schmidt Topsoil strives to always to provide quality products, along with friendly & helpful customer service.

Come on by and let us help you create the landscape of your dreams.

We are your neighborhood landscape materials yard.

In 1914 A.E. Schmidt started a materials hauling service in the burgeoning San Fernando Valley. With two teams of mules and a couple wagons, he would pick up the manure from local dairies and deliver it to the orange growers. Later, his business grew to include motorized dump trucks and various materials. Nearly 80 years later, his grandson, Steve, and his wife Nancy left Southern California and the A.E. Schmidt Company for the beautiful Paso Robles area of the Central Coast.


In the grand tradition of Steve's grandfather, Steve and Nancy began Steve Schmidt Topsoil almost 80 years after A.E. Schmidt first opened its doors. They brought with them the same attention to detail, quality, and value that the A.E. Schmidt Company was know for, as well as the iconic circus wagon, which was bought off a Paramount Studio movie set. With the growing Paso Robles and Templeton community, so did the Schmidt Topsoil Company continue to grow.


After 10 years as an employee, Ron and his wife Linda took over the company when the Schmidts retired in 2002 and have been running the business ever since. They continue to search out the best quality products from across the state of California and bring them to area residents and businesses. Specialty materials, such as Red Lava and Noyo Cobbles, come from as far off as Clearlake Oaks and Fresno. Ron and Linda also continue to support local businesses and queries, and you'll find plenty of rocks and soil claimed from the resource-rich Salinas Valley. They note that their most loyal and appreciated "employee" is Coal, their friendly Border Collie. Make sure you throw her ball when you stop in; you'll have made a new friend.


Ron, who has over 30 years of landscaping and construction experience, can expertly guide your purchase of any landscape material. Not sure whether you want Cobbles or Pea Gravel? Planter Mix or Mushroom Compost? They'll help you make the right decision for your landscaping needs. If you need more than your pickup will hold, a friendly and knowledgeable employee will gladly load up and deliver your purchase materials. Every truck driver at Steve Schmidt Topsoil is both experienced and appropriately licensed for all your landscaping needs and deliveries. If you're unsure of the size, amount, or availability of a particular material, ask Linda. She can calculate square footage faster than it'll take you to tell her what you want. At Steve Schmidt Topsoil, you're sure to get an honest, accurate, and helpful answer to every question



Linda Steward

Tim MCHale



While Ron is out driving the big transfer truck and stocking the yard with materials, Linda is almost always the one answering your calls and taking your orders. They've been keeping things going since 2002

Delivery Driver-

His title might be driver, but Tim can be found doing just about anything. He covers the office and the yard when needed, Definitely the kind of guy you want to take over when Ron and Linda retire.

Yard Guy-

The yard guy loads customers, answers questions, mixes concrete, rakes, waters...and so much more. And he does it all with a smile on his face!

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